Kyle Wiens

Kyle Wiens

I'm fixing the world.

I started iFixit, the free repair manual. Technology will make life on Earth better—if we take the care to do it right. My research has taken me around the world, and I speak and write about repair.

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Open uri20131018 28238 1h7bams article

Meet the machine whisperer who keeps Burning Man up and running

The sprawling metropolis of Black Rock City doesn’t run itself...

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How (and why) to fix your fast fashion fixation

Fashion is a dirty industry. Is the damage worth it?...

Open uri20131017 31471 ok1jk5 article

Why unlocking cell phones is a green issue

January 26, it became illegal to unlock your cell phone. This week, the White House spoke out in response. Unlocking...

Open uri20131017 31471 lldf6p article

Far More Gold Is in E-Waste than in Gold Ore

Electronic waste contains 40-50 times the amount of gold in ore mined from the ground, according to a report last...

Open uri20131017 31471 hehiu2 article

Operation: Fix Toshiba! Raising Funds to Create Repair Manuals

After Toshiba pulled all of their repair manuals from a popular repair site, the iFixit team is taking matters into...

Open uri20131017 31471 mudhsu article

Sprint Promises "Improved Repairability," But Green Standards Still Fall Short

Sprint recently announced a new set of criteria for their environmental scorecard, used to evaluate phones they sell. "Improved repairability"...