Kyle Wiens

Kyle Wiens

I'm fixing the world.

I started iFixit, the free repair manual. Technology will make life on Earth better—if we take the care to do it right. My research has taken me around the world, and I speak and write about repair.

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Copyright, the Internet of Things, and the End of Ownership | iFixit

Copyright, the Internet of Things, and the End of O...

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The New MacBook Pro: Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable

We have consistently voted for hardware that’s thinner rather than upgradeable. But our purchasing decisions are telling Apple that we’re...

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The Retina MacBook Pro was ‘verified’ EPEAT Gold, But it’s Not Green

The Retina MacBook Pro—the least repairable, least recyclable computer I have encountered in more than a decade of disassembling electronics—was...

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Unfixable Computers Are Leading Humanity Down a Perilous Path

I dream of a sustainable technology industry that makes life-changing innovations like the iPad available to everyone on the planet....

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Why Fixers Will Save Our Planet

Kyle Wiens, founder of iFixit, is leading a team of journalists on a documentary trip in Africa to meet the...